And welcome to my little spot on the web. From here you will find a limited portfolio of pieces in addition to a jumping off point for 
wholesale orders as well as custom work.
Pieces for immediate purchase can be found in my

 Etsy Shop 
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 Upcoming 2018 Events: 

  July 6, 7 & 8: Girdwood Forest Fair, Girdwood

  July 21 - Garden City Market, Skagway  

  July 23: Skagway Trunk Show, Red Onion Saloon, Skagway    

  July 26 - 29: Southeast Alaska State Fair, Haines 

  August 3: Hello Handmade: Maker's Market, 49th State 
                                   Brewing Co, Anchorage       

  August 17-20: Seattle Gift Show, Washington State                                            Convention Center

  November 9-12: Fairbanks Holiday Marketplace, Carlson                                        Center

As seen in Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine, Gift Shop Magazine, & BUST!